Do your boots look as tired as you feel? Would you like to have boots that look like new without the expense? Would you like to see water bead off the toe rather than creep into cracked leather?

For a super shine on your riding boots that can toe the line with that of any Marine, try this Marine Corps method for a super shine.

  1. If your boots have a waxy glaze (think new bridle reins), remove that glaze by applying cheap shaving cream and rub. This will get rid of the glaze and enable the leather to absorb the boot polish later. If your boots do not have the new waxy glaze, omit the shaving cream step and clean off crud with a damp rag.
  2. Apply boot polish with a small brush or rag.
  3. Using a lighter, melt the polish into the boot by lightly holding the lighter’s flame near the boot’s surface and heating the polish. Swish the lighter back and forth around all areas where you have applied polish. This will help the polish soak into the leather.
  4. Allow polish to dry.
  5. Buff with a damp rag (the equivalent of a spit shine) to a high gloss!
  6. Admire yourself in the reflective shine of your boot!

With each successive shine, your boots will require less polish and less work; they gradually may reach a point (depending on wear and time between shines) where only a damp rag, or “spit shine” is required to bring them back to a high gloss.