STRIDE recently made the pages of Ocala Style in an online article by Jo Ann Guidry. The article, entitled Begin the Dance, describes the history and purpose of dressage, but an explanation from STRIDE president Lisa Walsh sums it up perfectly: “Someone gave me a cap that reads ‘Begin the Dance’, and that to me really describes dressage. It’s very much like a dancing partnership with your horse. Sometimes the rider has to lead, and sometimes the rider has to follow. Like any dancing partnership, there has to be trust.”

Walsh, who is also the economic development manager for the City of Ocala, points out the lovely local venues that STRIDE is fortunate to access for shows and describes the humble beginnings of the first STRIDE shows, which have now expanded to include driven dressage, western dressage, and gaited dressage classes. She emphasizes that continuing education is also a focus of the now 235-member club.

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