Right before Region 3 Finals were to take place, disaster struck on many fronts. In addition to Hurricane Michael adding his wrath to the mix, Region 3 Finals scribe-to-be Karin Lunau was struck down by a medical emergency.

She sent out an all call for assistance, a request for a last minute substitute to fill her position as scribe, and it was answered by STRIDE’s Lorettq Lucas.

Below is a thank you she requested be posted to members:

I was awed by your support and amazing response to my last minute need for help last week.

Due to a sudden medical emergency my scribe was unable to travel to Georgia for the L Program, D2. And there was a hurricane coming….

Many of your members answered a call for help posted by Loretta Lucas.

I truly appreciate what a wonderful club you are and I will send in my membership application right away! I hope to meet many of you soon… I will be another one stepping up to volunteer as often as possible!!

Thanks again!
Karin Lunau