Welcome to summer, everyone! Keep your horses and yourselves hydrated and slathered with  sunscreen. Even though STRIDE is relatively quiet this time of year, there is still much going on.

The website redesign is almost complete. We should be going live by the first of August. And you know what August is, right? Membership renewal time! You will be able to renew your membership online. Simply and easily. I hope you’ve been taking advantage of member discounts at our partner stores and offices. And I hope your experience with STRIDE this past year has impressed upon you the reasons why you joined in the first place. Personally, I enjoy the shopping and show fee discounts, but the main reason I renew each year is the relaxed fun at our shows, events and clinics. I enjoy the competition, the people I meet and volunteer with, and being outdoors with the horses, even in the pouring rain (the last part may be a small exaggeration).

Speaking of volunteering, the new website will also permit you to sign up for a volunteer position and a time slot! We cannot run our shows without you. And you all do a great job. At the May show, several competitors expressed their thanks for a well-run, fun show, and one couple wrote to say how much they enjoyed having Heather Stalker as their judge. All of us working together is what makes that happen. My thanks go to all of you, and especially to those that volunteer to manage the shows.

Entering a STRIDE show will be easier, as well. Remember, the next shows are September 30 and October 28, so there is plenty of time to plan your pink outfit or turnout for September, and your  Halloween costume for October!

Speaking of upcoming shows, the dates for 2019 have been secured. All 2019 shows will be at the Florida Horse Park. Mark your calendars for January 27, March 3, May 5, and October 26 and 27. The October shows are two separate shows (STRIDE #4 and #5). The idea is to avoid hurricanes and hotter weather. We’ve coordinated with other riding and driving groups to avoid conflicts where possible. I am thankful for the assistance of all those that contributed to this effort, especially Beth Reiselmann, Loretta Lucas and Jennifer Bravick.

While we don’t have a meeting in July, I look forward to seeing you all at our August 15th meeting!

Stay cool,
STRIDE President