Attendees at the August STRIDE meeting were privy to a fascinating talk by Dr. Siobhan Ellison of Pathogenes, Inc., “a small research laboratory with large ideas located in Fairfield, Florida.” She and her team are currently conducting research and treatment to combat EPM and other diseases that fall under the umbrella of Equine Sarcocystosis. They are working toward FDA approval of their treatment.

An important point shared by Dr. Ellison was the fact that horses with Sarcocystis nuerona (EPM) exhibit similar ataxic symptoms as horses with S. fayeri-toxin and inflammation, yet the diseases caused by these conditions are treated differently.

Additionally, she told us that 85% of horses have antibodies against Equine Sarcocystosis. In most cases, the antibodies effectively keep the problematic parasites at bay…until they don’t.  That’s when proper diagnosis and treatment are critical– the sooner the better.

To get a more thorough understanding of the information presented by Dr. Ellison, check out the presentation she shared with STRIDE members. You can also peruse her latest blogs on Facebook.


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