Edith Finlayson: Still Amazed; Still Amazing

What is the difference between a mediocre life and an amazing life?  Perhaps it lies in one’s ability to be amazed, to see the beauty and the connectedness of all life. That’s certainly what you might think if you were to check in with STRIDE member and Century Ride...

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Mimi Leggett:  A Delightful Surprise

Mimi Leggett exemplifies the saying, “You can’t tell a book by its cover.” Frequently seen at STRIDE meetings sporting colorful attire offset by a twinkle in her eye, who would have ever guessed that Mimi began her riding career as an eight-year -old in her family’s...

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Beth Rieselman: Diva of Driven Dressage

Those warnings are true.  You never know what you’re getting into when you start communicating with strangers online.  Beth Rieselman, an avid driver for the past 25 years, was lamenting about the fading away of driven dressage while posting in an online forum.    It...

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Oriah Abo: Defining Persistence

“If I see something and I want it, I will work hard, and I will get it.” These are the words of Oriah Abo, and it would appear they have been hard-wired in her psyche since birth. Life has not always been easy for Oriah, but she has taken every opportunity that has...

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Driving Clinic a Huge Success

The driving clinic sponsored by STRIDE on Saturday, March 30, 2019, proved to be a huge success and another valuable learning opportunity for STRIDE members and those outside of STRIDE aiming to sharpen their driving skills. USET member Barry Hunter and renowned...

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Wanna Feel Better–Attend This Meeting!

The May STRIDE meeting will take place on TUESDAY, May 14th at 6:30PM at the home of Carol Rike, Sweetwater Farm, 6700 NW 90th Ave., Ocala, Florida. Bring a potluck dish and enjoy a fantastic presentation by Rachel Meyer. Rachel Meyer has been a practicing physical...

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