President’s Message

Welcome to summer, everyone! Keep your horses and yourselves hydrated and slathered with  sunscreen. Even though STRIDE is relatively quiet this time of year, there is still much going on. The website redesign is almost complete. We should be going live by the first...

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Climbing the Levels with Cavaletti

Think work over Cavaletti is something reserved for hunters, jumpers, and eventers? Think again, dressage and driving aficionados! Instructor Margaret Edward Jones of Solar Farms and STRIDE member Noelle Vander Brink provided an informative demonstration of the...

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DreamCatcher Horse Ranch and Rescue

From Distressed to Dressage Between torrential downpours, show goers to the ridden dressage portion of STRIDE’s Grand Oaks Resort show undoubtedly noticed two amazingly composed junior riders. Research revealed these two young ladies, Adrienne Karcher and Haylie...

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Fairwell To STRIDE member Juancho Ledgard

We are sad to report that STRIDE member Juancho Ledgard died after suffering a heart attack at our March 4 show. Juan has coached many STRIDE members, trained their horses as well as his own, and brought many to our shows. He was always helpful and friendly. At our...

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On Sunday March 4, 2018, Edith Finlayson and Society’s Hot Money+/, also known as Duke, were inducted into a special group of senior Dressage riders and horses. After performing First Level Test 3 at the STRIDE Dressage Club’s Show they are qualified to become members...

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Please support our great Partners by patronizing their businesses.  All Partners of STRIDE have agreed to provide a 10% discount on their in-store products (no discount on feed or hay) and services to STRIDE members!

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