Photos - Awards Banquet on January 16, 2016


 Honoring 2015 Competitors and Volunteers

Photos by Lonni Bechen, Thomas Buettner and Hellena Smejda

High Points: Judy Downer, Lonni Bechen, Heidi Rogers

2016 Board: Anna Toomey, Loretta Lucas, Judy Downer, Lonni Bechen, Jody Simonton

Handmade ceramic plaques by SuZi were among many door prizes

Awards ready to be presented

Colleen Cohill is first winner of the Emily Butler Traveling Trophy for USEF Rider Test, donated by Judy Downer

Driven Versatility: Anne Meinel

Left to right: Mary West (Colleen Cohill’s mom), Anna Toomey, Eva and Heidi Alcorn, Kathy and Paul Smits

Loretta Lucas awarding President’s Award to Hellena Smejda

Loretta Lucas awarding Vice President’s Award to Thomas Buettner

Left to Right: Lynn Zachary, Hellena Smejda, Diane Laws, Joe Bongiovanni (background), Sharon Young, Barbara Brown

Left to Right: Barbara Booth, Carol and Kyle Rike, Chris Trentelman, Anke Matthiessen and Mike Littlefield

Left to Right: Jody Simonton, Edith Finlayson, Vince Yinger, Jack Hennig

Centerpieces by Diane Laws and Barbara Brown

2nd Level, Adult Amateur: Edith Finlayson

Happy winners! Left to Right: Lonni and Scott Bechen, Judy Downer, Thomas Buettner (back row), Joe Bongiovanni

Ridden Versatility, L-to-R: Mimi Leggett, Maggie Banas, Colleen Cohill, Sis Rose, Lonni Bechen

2nd Level and Above: Carol Hibbard, Mary Barber, Carlos Mancero, Edith Finlayson, Anke Matthiessen

Training Level: Joan Baur, Maggie Banas, Judy Downer, Colleen Cohill

Western Dressage: Lonni Bechen, Sis Rose, Jack Hennig

Left to right: Karen Kim, Dibbie Dunnam (front), Polly Butterworth, Vickie Rollack

2015 Board: Left to right: Carol Rike, Su Zi, Karen Kim, Hellena Smejda, Loretta Lucas

Introductory Division: Kathy Smits, Eva Alcorn, Wendy Noseworthy, Katlin Heimrich

1st Level: Mary Barber

Most improved: Maggie Bamas, Jack Hennig, Heidi Rogers

The ballroom at Ocala National Golf Course (formerly Golden Hills) was spacious and comfortable



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Traditional Dressage

Driving Dressage

Nice ride.

2015 banquet and year end awards ceremony.

Trail riding at it's best.

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